for our pieces made of brass
we try to use only material knocking around in the workshop anyway
or cuttings form a metal pressing workshop we work with
those FESTIVE PENDANTS were made form covers for this BOOK that didn´t turn out so good
(ALLES WIRD GOLD is currently sold out at ZIERRAT UND GOLD 
but as you can see i already worked on some more)
some also arrived at WALD BERLIN
currently i´m coming up with new things to write on them
and in case you´d like to play along
let me know your ideas until next Friday
and in case i like your inscription best
you get a pendant with it on it for free
there´s only one condition:
i might like your idea so much i´d want to put it up for sale for others to enjoy
so you would have to be okay with that:)
tried to have a serious discussion with the cat
about not being so wild all the time
(she´s currently missing a patch of felt and skin from her leg)
but she kept on tearing newspapers apart like a maniac
so i guess i´ll have to live with a crazy creature
she can be so sweet though
when she´s tired out and snuggling in my bed
that´s until she decides it´s time to get up and do stuff like biting my neck
here she´s checking out a TINY BOUQUET i made
using some grapes i accidentally cut down when pruning the little vinyard
please do try that beet root spread from Ottolenghi´s Jerusalem
insane colour and so good
some brass lametta thing i´m working on
would you buy such a thing?
it lasts forever and has antique glass beads on it
also it doesn´t get tangled up in the christmas tree
looks like other people felt the same way about that SIX FEET UNDER episode
i found my self screaming at the TV
asking my room mate over and over "this can´t be true, can it?! that´s so awful"
oh, and i´d love to watch some of the other suggestions come fall
any other shows i might like to see?