this are the first pictures of a lovely project i´m working on
as i told you, i met a lot of great people at THE HIVE in Berlin
one of them Dana of the amazing childrens clothing company TANNHAUSER
and after a short talk and two emails we decided to do a collaboration
- WSAKE fine jewellery for TANNHAUSER -
inspired by ancient cross stitch patterns - just like the prints of the collection
(more pictures coming soon for sure - and check out the first glimps of the LOOKBOOK shoot by Flannery O´Kafka)
yesterday they were shipped of to PLAYTIME PARIS and PLAYTIME NEW YORK
i couldn´t be more excited
since i´m doing a lot of precise sawing by hand
i thought i wouldn´t get any better
but after working on these prototypes
it looks like i turned into a laser cutter


work is crazy right now
food is the only thing keeping me sane
it always is
because i´m afraid i´m loosing it every time i get hungry
driving my bike becomes dangerous, things slipping from my hands, oh so grumpy mood...
so thank you dear blog world for a few new soothing additions to my repertoire:
(do not let them get brown or you´ll end up like me nibbling the good orange stuff from brown burnt rims)
Heidi Swansons RHUBARB ROSEWATER SIRUP makes an awesome granita (as do those little green melons)
also i´m drying rose petals for her ROSE PETAL GRANOLA
yesterday i got sentimental and made focaccia with grapes
 made it with my roommate a lot while studying
we tried every variation Jamie Oliver suggested
our favorites were tiny tomatoes + mozzarella and cherries, brown sugar + butter 
or stuffed with rocket, onions, gorgonzola, parmesan + herbs
yeast is not that good for my stomach but i just had to eat some
any comforting food suggestions?
very disappointing leaking little pretty doll house jar
full of roadside weeds
the best kind


W really can make everything
missing pieces of a Rolls Royce, a dome for your steeple including a weathercock
my bed (and soon bed side table)
so this bowl was a trifle for him to create
also i have to add "unfinished" is not his thing
his work looks kind of perfect, like he´s some human machine
he asks ten times if i really want it to look that way
we´re hooked now with coming up with goods for the kitchen and table
after all creating those kind of things is what silversmiths actually did do 
(well, for really posh tables of course)
not so often anymore
which is a shame
so here´s the first glimpse of the DELICIOUS BOWL
can i tell him you like it, too - because i do
also: is "mmh..." really an international expression of culinary delight?
two long gone TINY BOUQUETS
#9 NECTAROSCORDIUM (very onion-smelly)
hopefully i grow old just like these columbine leaves
looking more beautiful every day



actually i´m a graphic designer you know 
so i put a few more of this kind of projects on my website 
including my thesis 
BENVENU - Abhandlungen ueber die Goldschmiedekunst und Sculptur
a new edition of the first handbook for goldsmithing
by the famous Renaissance man CELLINI
including posters and work sampling
i really loved working on this
and dreamt of becoming a book designer
but then i couldn´t let go of jewellery design
now i wish i could do both

BENVENU - posters / BENVENU - book 

oh - i still have a few left over silkscreen printed ACANTHUS, KRANE, 3D
and V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (with a layer of fancy golden rub-off ink) posters
and SILVER PITCHER post cards
in case anyone wants to decorate their home 
here you can see:
DRIVING (i left out the wavy looking step - it seamed to disturbe people not familiar with this technique)
RENAISSANCE SILVER PITCHER (since those are mostly fused-in, i rebuild one with silver necklaces instead)
NIELLO (Cellinis poem about the beauty of Tuscany written in wire, quite too much unruly to actually use it for Niello though)
and the master himself
you´ll find work on alchemy, fusing, secret alphabets, enamel,
casting stones (and how to find them in a kranes stomach), casting huge sculptures (and enjoying a little salad after the devilish work is done)
and a lot of violence and murder
 in the book

i could get on and on
as is said - i LOVED it 

there`s a portrait series of at least 40 different hammers in the book
even though everone told me this is boring and way too much
but it isn´t!
those silver and goldsmith were forging all their life
their apprentices taking care of the hammers all day long, keeping them in shipshape
and those tools are so beautiful

ok - i stop now



a quick weird post
before a little sunny dinner on the veranda
inspired (like a lot of bloggers) by ELISABETHS post
on showing your face on your blog
(RIKE is even smiling at us quite animated now - nice)
i think i only showed pictures of tiny me so far
and i still don´t feel comfortable showing too much
BUT here are some paintings E (that´s my talented sister) made of me
(since pictures couldn´t do their colours justice i changed them a bit)
she actually did a lot of those
while i was quite immobilized by back pain
there´s even one of me taking a bath (sold)
an other time i have to show you her "early masterpiece" grumpy me
also some pictures from a photo booth
i look a lot like W in his crazy hair time in those
(well, his hair is always crazy)
and really shocked by the flash
where are you?


a more cheery TINY BOUQUET for my mothers birthday
(although it looked a bit teary from all the heavy rain)
made of geranium flowers and turned purple columbine leaves
and a bit of food
i used a yeast alternate for making this bread
which turned out not that great, since it would have needed a 30 degree Celsius environment for 24 hours
and it was very cold instead
but it had sour cherries in it so it was okay
started to take new pictures for the SHOP
since i don´t like the messy look that´s going on over there
AND: thank you for all your nice comments lately
you are the best


today would have been my grandmothers birthday
went into her wild garden and made her an equally free spirited TINY BOUQUET
as a teenager she wrote "my ideals" on the back of the left picture
- music, hiking and Bavarian mountains -
she took it for photography class
so maybe this messy weedy flowers are to her liking
the other picture seems even older
i think it shows her fathers hiking equipment
(the little paper corn flower i found on the flea market this weekend
somehow reminded my of those pictures)
i miss you


be quick
go out in the woods in the next couple of days - don´t wait any longer
(and check for ticks afterwards)
or it´s too late for SPRUCE TIP HONEY
i went out in my garden right after reading the post by FRÄULEIN TEXT
and also i wasn´t so sure about the whole thing
when my appartment started to smell like mountain pine bath additive
i couldn´t be more pleased with the result
such an unusual woodsy taste and rich dark colour
already had it with my morning spelt porridge
and i bet it would be marvelous on the Raisin Scones from GOOD TO THE GRAIN
there´s a different version (in english) over at HUNGRY GHOST
enjoy your weekend!



lots and lots of colour and sun spots
for your summer
also some pansies for TINY BOUQUET #4
find the glass bead necklaces HERE



a bit of powder blue today 
thought i would make no more glass bead necklaces
but then summer came
and i longed for a bit of colour and dug deep into my bead archive
you can find them HERE
they´re all one of a kind
some of the beads over a hundred years old
collected on flea markets and fairs
although i visited great stores like DO YOU READ ME
and visited amazing exhibitions
i´m really sorry i somehow missed PACIFIC STANDARD TIME)
also there´s a tiny glimpse at a lovely CARD from BASTIS RIKE
i´m still searching for the perfect place to put up her PRINT
thank you again for this beautiful surprise
reading the blog of one of the girls i met in Berlin
and had to make it right away, throwing in some frozen blueberries
danke, JULIE


 you know how much i love shortbread
so this all kinds of weather sunday
- cold, rainy, sticky and sunny -
i tried a new variation adding elderflower and rose petals
i would not recommend the rose petals
somehow their scent disapears while baking
but a teaspoonful of rosewater might do the trick
find my go to shortbread recipe HERE
and add the carefully picked tiny flowers
(don´t wash them or you´ll loose all this delicious pollen)
right before rolling out the dough


when taking the scones i made using lemonade out of the oven
(following this RECIPE from the Vintage Tea Party Cookbook)
i realized my shoes were matching my grandmother´s potholders
dark dark peonies
actually those were white and cut fresh from the garden
read this POEM by Mary Oliver while smelling them
a blurry picture of something exciting
(and my new favorite sweater from COS -
K can´t look at it, the turquoise gives her a head ache)
hopefully more about that soon
(it´s the name of the rosebuds - most lovely scented)