put the first pieces of FAKE CRYSTAL jewellery in the SHOP
triangle, rectangle and square
aquamarin and smoky quartz
waiting to be cast
playing around with them on different backgrounds
kind of like "giving them the ink"
as Cellini would have called it
(he actually painted their back...)
do you have any ideas
what one could do against fungus gnat
i just ordered 3 millions of nematode larvae



the best thing about working on prototypes?
i make them all my size
(in case nobody wants to buy them...)
a lot of fake crystals made of brass and ebony 
are on their way
and a bit of baby´s breath
although i don´t know where this is going


E wont like it
since she detests acrylic colours and flower paintings
but i gave it a try
the daffodils were fun
found a vintage magazine on "Frivolites"
a delicate kind of crochet
looks very complicated - i´m tempted to have a go at it
watched LAST NIGHT
and now i have a crush on Guillaume Canet
but that´s okay


made shortbread with orange zest, dark chocolate and caraway seeds
turned out very lovely
so much sun around here
painting the Danube pink at sunset


happy birthday,K
here are some bussis (kisses)
for your collection
put them in a matchbox before they disappear


my black leaved begonia is blooming
such tiny blossoms
unfortunatly those roses died almost right after i got them
but until then they were just perfect
to brighten up these grey and rainy days
today the sun returned


E is in Milan again
not forgetting her wallet this time but her keys
here she almost can´t be seen
dancing around in Ss prom dress
we´re looking through a lot of closets these days
got myself a glittery jacket
to bring a bit of sparkle to the new year


taking down the Christmas decorations
watching PAN AM and BOARDWALK EMPIRE on stormy nights
the most precious cook book
belonging to my grandmother 
and to my great grandmother before that


happy birthday, W!
lots and lots of sprinkles
and silver candles
the whole family looks somehow italian
not me though