since E is probably going to move a lot during the next months or years
she brought some of her "elder" painting along on her last visit
to put in storage at our place
which pretty much means we´re allowed to put up as many as we like
i forced her to let me take some pictures of them
and she didn´t not like the idea that much - afraid i´m going to show them in a very decorative way
(and i have to announce that the freshly plowed up field was my idea too)
but she played happily along and did - as always - a nice performance
some side notes:
the dotted turquoise dress i found - after a gruelling bike ride - at a neighbourhood-backyard-flea market
when visiting her - a very Leipzig-y thing i figure
now it makes everyone wearing it look pregnant (also very Leizpig-y)
also she´s sporting one of our COLLAR NECKLACES
and a crazy wall mask found amongst our grandmother´s belongings