found a hydrangea with lace rimmed flowers i was looking for a long time
in the home plant department of a quite depressing garden shop
where not even the herbs would smell
i got one just like this once from my roommate for my birthday
but it soon died - i hope this one is more robust
it´s future place in the garden is still coverd in ivy though
and i gave up upon removing it myself
my back says no - now i´m thinking of bribing someone into doing it for me
somehow i still like to wear dark blue corduroy trousers
almost like those dungarees worn while showing off some snowdrops at the age of three
some things don´t change
playing around with different kinds of flour
rice, buckwheat and sweet chestnut - a cake made with olive oil and goat milk
it has a most absurd nougaty texture
after knitting this WIKSTEN HAT three times so far i got an OTHER ONE
it is quite cold after all again
a post about TALKING ABOUT FOOD made me dream of an Astrid Lindgren summer
finished THE BELL JAR for my reading group
left me almost paralysed, shockingly touching
somehow i was worried the season finale of GIRLS would end just like that
my story for REMEDY QUARTERLY is now ONLINE in case you´re interested