merry christmas to you all!
enjoy some lovely holidays!
thank you so much for stopping by here this year
it was a pleasure to have you:)
HERE´s my shortbread recipe with pistachios, cranberries and white chocolate on the GAARN blog (german only)
and HERE´s a little interview over at ME AND ORLA
all the best!


so here´s my almost too late call to shop small - a lot - especially at christmas
dont get me wrong, i do "shop big", too
but it´s so nice to find things made with a lot of care and love
+ actually knowing who made them
(though we might not know where the resources come from - it´s a long story - but still!)
E sent me some of the miniature paintings SHE AND S made
(their page desperately needs an update!)
and they are just perfect
my pictures and repro skills don´t do them justice
so in case you fall in love with one of them - some are still available
(about 10x7cm, 65€ + shipping)
just let me know and i´ll make a little art deal happen
so in case you´re still looking for some gifts - i´m pretty sure some do still ship in time for the holidays
shown here:
a sweet bavarian heart card from KAROS DRUCKWERK
a circle skirt from BRITTA MANGER - i might not be the most flattering model...
the tiny bees wax candles and wooden ring holders are from a local artisan christmas market
and here are some more things i like:
LE TRAIN FANTOME´s CAT and all her other adorable creatures
fun ceramics from ALEX SICKLING
and you already know i´m a big fan of OTCHIPOTCHI
+ also everything from BASTIS "THE GRID BLANKET" RIKE
the nice selections of STUDIO OINK and ZIERRAT UND GOLD
it does look like i´ve been on a shopping spree - but:
one of the greatest thing about being a "creator" (how should i call myself?!)
is being able to do a lot of swaps with other "creators"
so i´m also currently waiting for wonderful things from
i can´t wait!
some of our pieces are featured in the christmas edition of BRIGITTE
we´re so happy!
some links i bookmarked the last weeks:
i want to look just like THAT one day (soon)
thank you for THIS PICTURE, Tine!
EVENCLEVELAND´s giftguides
an other BLANKET i have my eye on
a yellow TEA POT
found a handicraft book at the fleamarket and when paging through it
we realized our great grandmother must have had the same one
since it didn´t only contain her mitten pattern but also our family´s typic little-people-hat-pattern
worn for decades and generations by now - doesn´t little K look so cute?!
love the HAIR BARRETTE we made for a nice customer
so i guess i´ll be making more some day


we´d like to invite you all to our  WSAKE Weihnachtsmarkt:

Samstag, 6.12.
14 - 19 Uhr

Am Gries 35, Stadtamhof, Regensburg

of course there will be Christmas inspired drinks and treats
(including those a lot of you quite vehementy requested)
not those cookies shown above though
W ate them all - fair enough, he did make me the COOKIE CUTTER after all
and for all of you who can´t make it, there are a lot of new pieces listed in the SAMPLE SALE
AND you´ll get a free surprise set of CHRISTMAS CARDS with every order
since i promised to take a picture of W and the IN EAR RING - HERE it is
oh - we only have one of each silver plated HAIR COMBS in stock...
so hurry up, in case you´re planing on wearing one this festive season