it has been quite a year
a lot is going to be different in 2012
i hope it´s going to be a good one for everybody
thank you all for visiting
and an even bigger thank you
for making my dream come true
by all the support of my little jewellery career
you are the best
have a great new years eve!



thank you so much for your lovely comments and mails
they really ment a lot
we gathered all twigs and leaves dear to her from her garden
her beloved Virginia Creeper berries and her carefully treated olive and yew tree 
to be with her at her good bye
now i take care of her italian olive tree
and we put a picture of a wreath made of its leaves on her memorial card
a cookie recipe she made on her last day
and paper withes
i got the bulbs - along with a hundred of other kinds - when everything happend
they started to bloom on her stormy funeral
i still can hear the hunting horns bid their farewell
it´s starting to snow now


before everthing happend

i took christmassy pictures of some of my jewellery
and i decided to post then anyway
since i´d love to work on some last minute pieces for you
work certainly has healing powers


she has left us
on a very stormy Wednesday noon
we held her hand and said our goodbyes
she never was alone in this week of her farewell
E sang to her for hours and hours
we are so very sad to have lost her
but she spread her love for dance and music wide
and her way of following her heart affections and dreams
of pursuing the things she loved at any age and any circumstance
staying interested in so many things and people
and keeping an independed and strong mind
of living love in her own way
hopefully lives on in all of us
dance in peace


on Wednesday, very early in the morning
my grandmother had a massive stroke
she´s going to leave us in the next days
we´re hoping she can go easily and peaceful
and an everlasting barn dance in full swing is waiting for her
i lived in her house for the last 5 months
feeling like i´m the elderly lady and she´s 28 years old
this busy she has been
the plans for her Wednesday would have been
teaching dulcimer class, baking for St. Nikolaus 
and playing the hunting horn
at princess Gloria of Thurn und Taxis´Christmas market
followed by leading a dance class for elderly persons
and attending a folk music meeting
in the next couple of days