these pictures seem grey
but that´s just because of this sometimes quite foggy weather
actually they´re kind of really happy
also my last post wasn´t meant to be sad
but about something not so good turning into something really nice
(i did forget to mention that it never seemed to be dangerous
three inflamated vertebras causing all kinds of trouble)
if you´re looking really closely you´ll see were this shipment is going
Nina, also known as FRÄULEIN TEXT came up with the wonderful ZIERRAT UND GOLD
and a few things from WSAKE are part of it
her SPACE is so beautiful and we´re so very happy about it
two cats - heartshaped with a tail
on the hunt for their favorite treat
they are both neutered now
caught in the trap without noticing, being very brave
little girl was ruffled the first time by a human being in her life yesterday
purring like a tiny engine standing on tiptoes
TINY BOUQUET #26 LAST BLOOM looks a bit eastery
picked those flowers right before they were crushed by the first snow
some amazing jewellery finds over at MISS MOSS - amongst them WSAKE
thank you so much, Diana