my parents back yard
before they cleaned it all up for winter
made Maria´s HILDEGARD COOKIES after i found the link over at FRL TEXT
(that pink stuff in my bowl? just a bit of Himalaya salt)
she also hooked me on spelt coffee again
(guess what - when you keep an open jar of that powdered stuff long enough it does turn liquid on its own and makes you scream looking at it!)
but i´m still on the hunt for a not so harsh, milder brew
any suggestions - also about other no-coffee coffees?
(oh - when i asked my mum for ground gloves she wanted to know what i was planning on baking
and when i told her so she looked at me quite shocked:
"but you know those are going to be doagbatzen (beautiful bavarian saying for very hard and dry baked goods)?!"
we´re such a charming family...)
find us this weekend on DILLY DALLY DESIGNMARKT in case you´re in the Regensburg area
and we´re very happy to be a part of BASTIS RIKE´s wonderful new ONLINE SHOP
we even have our own little SECTION
TANZFAKTUR - when E and her boyfriend aren´t PAINTING, they are dancing
(i do not know what this piece is about, a bit of intimacy and perception stuff i guess
but it looks like i accidentally sponsored their dancing shoes - aka best sandals ever)