these pictures seem grey
but that´s just because of this sometimes quite foggy weather
actually they´re kind of really happy
also my last post wasn´t meant to be sad
but about something not so good turning into something really nice
(i did forget to mention that it never seemed to be dangerous
three inflamated vertebras causing all kinds of trouble)
if you´re looking really closely you´ll see were this shipment is going
Nina, also known as FRÄULEIN TEXT came up with the wonderful ZIERRAT UND GOLD
and a few things from WSAKE are part of it
her SPACE is so beautiful and we´re so very happy about it
two cats - heartshaped with a tail
on the hunt for their favorite treat
they are both neutered now
caught in the trap without noticing, being very brave
little girl was ruffled the first time by a human being in her life yesterday
purring like a tiny engine standing on tiptoes
TINY BOUQUET #26 LAST BLOOM looks a bit eastery
picked those flowers right before they were crushed by the first snow
some amazing jewellery finds over at MISS MOSS - amongst them WSAKE
thank you so much, Diana


actually next to really loving designing and working on jewellery and all things metal
and being really stubborn and therefor preferring working on my own
pain was a big reason for coming up with WSAKE
i know out there people suffer from far more excruciating pain
and probably most of them don´t get any help
i don´t wail, but pain was a really big part of my life a few years back and it still is
pain is a sucker
it really is
sucks quite a bit right out of you
very tiring for body and mind
i don´t need any help now putting on socks and tights and underpants
cutting food or getting out of the bath tub
i don´t spend hours lying face down on a sitting ball where the only things you can do is cross stitch and read
i don´t try to sleep kneeling or don´t sit down ever
i don´t need to breath and struggle through huge fit, constantly moving to not feel so much
i don´t need heavy pain killers anymore
a lot of people told me i had to fight this
and i know that there are a lot of diseases where you have to turn your body into a war zone
i totally respect that
but i can´t fight a body that tries its best to function and just can´t
you don´t work against the pain you breath with it
and also you should sometimes act quickly to avoid recording too many pain memories
this is nothing to rush, you don´t jump out of it that easily
actually i felt kind of strong during the peek of the pain
when it started to get easier due to medication
tiredness hit from being so brave and not crying all the time
and there came pressure to really get going now
with whatever
now that it´s better, almost good
i still can´t do a "regular" job and that is okay
i don´t mourne for time lost or opportunities missed out
never did
somehow it still happens for a reason - it´s still my way
and i´ve learned so much
about what might be good for my body, about getting help
about the miracles of physiotheraphy (really, those guys are my heros - i wrote so quite often but i happily do so every day)
 and - of course - medication
i feel like i´ve grown, don´t know where, don´t know what
and i know i should do something that makes me happy
and for me that is making jewellery with my father right now
and somehow it will work out
i really try to be sure
my neighbour likes decorating her house 
but compared to quite hideous santas climbing the walls come christmas time
this illuminated goose is actually kind of pretty
even my grandmother looked forward to its appereance at the end of each october


and DANCING BOWLS look at ATELIER SOLARSHOP in Antwerp, Belgium
we are so happy to have found such a nice place for them
amongst so many great artists and designers
the actually really delicate FAKE CRYSTAL RING looking quite bombastic
in the new BRIGITTE - he´s very happy there
planning on adding a few christmassy things to the shop at the beginning of November
cards, garlands and merry little pendants (for little money, too)
hope you all hab a lovely weekend
mine was full of fog, QUINCE JAM and brass dust


thought i was done with the cold
but the cold wasn´t done with me
almost got a bit panicky thinking this is never going to end
still coughing and sneezing along
read a nice interview with florist Thierry Boutemy in the new edition of THE PLANT
he says he is inspired by cuckoo clocks
there are a few in this house and i´m going to look very closely at them now
vintage twine and heart shaped cookie cutters from the flea market
and quince making the apartment smell wonderful
and a nice compote
went out a bit to get some fresh air to get healthy soon
took a walk by the river and made the TINY BOUQUET #24 PRETTY SICK (added some redundant pictures of it)
turnes out everything down there is covered in dog poo
so i took a few steps down into the river to get my rain boots clean again
W made me a flower storing device
now you can´t see it anymore
to many geraniums on it wintering in my hallway
it turned out way to sweet for me 
(so sweet i had to lay down after having a slice, but maybe that was the old again)
even though i had already halved the sugar
so in case you want to give it a try to, use even less


was a bit under the weather the last days
but i wasn´t too sick to read a bit
eating cold grapes from the fridge enjoying the autumn sun on my bed
Sorrows of an American by Siri Hustvedt - for my English Reading group
i really like it and found a few lines that went great with my angora sweater:

On one of our dates, Marit wore a shaggy pink sweater that shed like a collie in Spring. 
I must have held her close when we said good bye, because on the following morning, 
I discovered taht my jacket was all but pink from clinging fibers.

that is when he realises he is in love with her
i would be able to recreate that exact moment
using the SMALL CAN VASE


this is for a very lovely girl
i used the tiniest vase - inspired by her equally TINY WOODEN CUPS
to thank her for the most beautiful things coming all the way from Russia
look at these beautiful drawings
making it easier to say good bye to blackberry season
(K called my consumption beyond all measure)
last thing i made with them was spelt flat bread with cream cheese covered with blackberries, sprinkled with brown sugar
there were many more of HER BEAUTIFUL LITTLE THINGS in the envelop
finding their place all over the flat now
playing around with a CAN VASE and some pink fall leaves
watching one of those evil looking little kittens have his daily dose of milk
tiny striped cucumbers
apropriate sneakers for a silver smiths daughter