some ladys were so nice this week
and put lovely post up saying kind things about WSAKE:
ALMA wünscht sich was
JULIE is happy about a lot of mail in her postbox
TINE is in a Christmassy mood
and a golden LIGONMAG
 you are the sweetest and i say thank you with the last hydrangea in the garden

just when i was thinking about coming up with some minimalistic lamp ideas
for my apartement
i found this quite contrasting floral chandelier on the fleamarket
but maybe living with both styles is the golden way
to deal with any kind of mood
here are some things i found and liked this week:
 a lovely HAT from Wiksten i don´t have time to knit right now
looking for gifts at BASTIS RIKE and in MY WHITE ROOM
(two gift guides with awesome things: ALMA and TINE)
and an other magazine: ARTIG & FEIN