When I was waiting for the traffic lights to change one day I spotted a sticker by some punk band called Schreikrampf (screaming fit) on the lamp post and that word made me want to maybe try writing in German sometime. It does not work so far, I´m not ready yet it seams, but I might start to collect some more words for future purposes.

Sometimes when I wake at night and I don´t find my cat snuggled up next to me, I open the window and call for her, very quietly. She usually comes cantering across the street from the neighbors place, looking like a silent tiny black and white race horse, no thundering hooves but squeaking a response to my calls.

Wenn ich nachts aufwache und keine Katze im Bett finde, rufe ich leise aus dem Fenster nach ihr - wie ein sehr kleines Rennpferd galoppiert sie dann über die Straße.

No - it really doesn´t work... most definitely not.

Before Easter I finally put the utterly trashy plastic Miffy cookie cutter to use to make BROWN SUGAR SANDWICH COOKIES which are very addictive, just like the pink cutter bug I caught from ME & ORLA and passed on to MILAS DELI. I also made PEANUT DATE BARS - the wrapping paper just wouldn´t wrap and I couldn´t be bothered with using twine or masking tape or any such things, so I used rubber bands and I do hope I´ve started a major food styling trend.

A few weeks ago there was a class reunion that turned out rather drab, the highlight being (next to the first trace of lilac in the air that night) an old flame ordering a gin tonic that tasted like a very delicious cucumber salad spiced with lots of pepper and smoked salt. It made me want to turn into someone who has boozy drinks on a regular basis, maybe that might even be a way to self-medicate. I sometimes just wish for a really fun (and utterly yummy) way to lighten the mood, to lift the curtain of anxiety a bit. Oh, I totally see how unhealthy that sounds, but there´s really no danger - I haven´t had a drink in years and the tiny bottles of white wine I bring home are exclusively used for my risotto-style rice puddings. When I think about it, I really have a weak spot for using booze in food - cake glazes, OTCHIPOTCHI´S WHITE WINE BISCUITS, or BUNNIES made of a dough containing Cointreau and then there is this cheese made with beer at one of the whole food stores I can´t get enough of. And despite the fact that I´m not even a meat eater the smell of a roast doused with beer when I ride by a traditional Bavarian inn on my way into town always gets me - and now come summer there´s always the smell of barbecue in the air which I like best when they pour a bit of ale over the meat and fire.

My battery run out at once when I took some pictures and mostly videos of my sister E with the first bits of our new collection in the workshop, but we did get some really fun shots and although some of the styles have been changed by now and we´re going to do another session as soon as she finishes her bachelor´s degree this summer, I do not want to keep these from you.

And then there is the flower bed in my garden that turns regular tulips into parrot varieties - I´m currently in the process of transplanting them elsewhere to see if they stay that way. Could this actually happen? Is there some kind of secret cross-pollination going on?

Because it features the sentence "EAT YOUR OWN GRASS-FED CAT".
There was already quite a bit of pink involved in the making of the Miffies, but this is actually edible pink: PUFFED RICE DONUTS
Suddenly almost every picture on this blog had disappeared and all you could see were tiny question marks, so while I copied and pasted html code for hours and hours I listened to the VIOLET SESSIONS. I also found some drafts I have never published, mostly because I was afraid there was pain in there again and again and this made me think I should maybe come up with a different subject once in a while, but maybe I´m wrong about that and this is just my specialty. One of them was really good, which is kind of amazing, since I remember writing it at a very dark time and I seldom like what I´ve written anyway.
EVENCLEVELAND has started an INSTAGRAM BOOK CLUB and at first I wasn´t sure what to think about reading a book on vaccinations called ON IMMUNITY, but then I was pretty amazed and haven´t stopped talking about it to everyone I know (and I´m thrilled to be part of a group organized by the creator of THIS).

But I guess I´ll end with a very German - starting very Upper Palatinate I should say - greeting (we won´t stop at one or two greeting words, no, we just pile it on and on):
Pfiadi - servus! Danke - tschüss!