there´s a little rainstorm coming up
temperature dropping
leaves whirling from the apple tree
i miss having my sisters around
spend the last three weeks with at least one of them
don´t like to prepare breakfast porridge for one person
going to sleep alone
at least the cats are back after spending a couple of days at the neighbors
a little one sneaked into my bedroom and then freaked out
bouncing off the walls, trying to jump through a closed window
finally diving through the staircase
he got at least seven lives
since i found him napping peacefully in the garden a few minutes later
my grandmother loved her Virginia creeper - especially those berries
so i made a simple wreath for her grave
looking pretty even dried 
and when the days grow colder it hopefully attracts lots of hungry birds
to keep her company a bit
also some PLANT JEWELS
it was really fun to collect all those precious little things
we used for them
(the tiny blue hydrangea is already planted in my garden)