anniversary - shop opening - giveaway

it´s wsake´s one year anniversary today
and there´s something new about wsake too
A and W were quite busy lately and worked on a little jewellery collection
the first items are now in our new online shop
here a bit about who we are and how we work:
W is a silver smith and A a graphic designer (but always liked to work in W´s workshop) - it´s a father-daughter-collaboration
now we developed a few things together
they are all handmade and each item is unique
we would be very happy if you´d like to stop by at our little shop and have a look
we´re presenting every piece here this week, too
to celebrate the anniversary and the shop opening we decided to have a little giveaway
it´s a little heart necklace made of 925 silver - the pendant is about 1,5 cm wide and the necklace 50 cm long
to win - just leave a comment until wednesday 18th

7 Kommentare:

  1. that necklace is lovely. Well everything is lovely haha...but i do really love that necklace :)

    congrats and great choice in giveaway item!


  2. happy anniversary! Thank you for visiting my blog so I can visit yours, lovely pictures and you work is wonderful too!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! That jewellery collection is just stunning!
    Greetings, Annukka

  4. good luck with your online shop! hope you can add a bridge shop soon ;-)

  5. Deine Bilder sind wie kleine Gedichte. Hab viel Glück damit, Dominika

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Everything looks lovely.
    You can close the competition now. I'm here.