have you met LITTLE LAUGHING DOG yet?
he´s a Cocktail Sherrier, a rare but jolly breed - isn´t that right, K?
today he had a small meal of salt & vinegar chips and OLIVE BISCUIT COOKIES
(he can´t show you a picture of these - he didn´t refrigerate the dough long enough
so they didn´t keep their shape and turned out like one giant cookie
their looks would probably keep you from trying these - and you should
don´t forget - it´s all about inner beauty)
now he is of to play in the stormy birch woods
and meeting some of his cross stitch friends
interested in meeting them, too?
well, maybe i´ll manage to take a picture of them...

2 Kommentare:

  1. I was feeling a little too serious. Thank you to you and Little Laughing Dog for making me smile.

  2. Your photo collages are beautiful - so airy and fresh.