quiet days around here
Mad Men has come to Germany - not that i´m watching it
since my former roommate
( congratulations again to your new own flat, especially to the washmachine!)
convinced me to watch series in their original language some years ago now
and i have to admit - i watched A LOT
and i owe all my English skills to that fact
(i know they are quite small, but anyway...)
but i took some pictures of tableware from that period of time
so here we have a quite usual decor - the happy couple in Italy
in front of a ice cream parlour - a square cake stand
LITTLE LAUGHING DOG got a sleeping injection yesterday due to a minor intervention
so he just idled around with his unequal twin sibling Stuffed Laughing Dog
finally dozing off watching Gilmore Girls
on a very polite pillow saying "sleep well" in crocheted German

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  1. hey! thanks so much for your order! i am so pleased you found something else to love! i understand that you might want to steer clear for a while but when you next want to buy something from me, email me and i will set up a special 20% off code as you have been such a sweet customer! i will get the calendar off to you tomorrow!

    i love Mad Men. a lot. so much in fact. {your english is really great!}

    lovely photographs! bye!

  2. I love this grouping of photos! Oh my, Mad Men. I don't watch many programs on TV but that one is wonderfully addictive.

  3. I don't own a television, but Mad Men is one show that has found its way onto my laptop. Watching the season finale tonight.