we got W a few movies for his birthday
- quite selfish -
one of them is BRIGHT STAR
we fell hard for it, crying because of so much beauty and sadness
i had to work on some "romantic" necklaces right away
oh, an other thing about Ws frames:
i just realised he wears the same ones as THE SARTORIALIST
but in black
now he has to find himself a barber, too

3 Kommentare:

  1. Love your collages - the images are always beautiful!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed reading through your posts today. I haven't looked at your blog and awhile and I love it! Oh and Brightstar was AMAZING. I cried all through the film the first time I watched it. Such beauty and grace. Thanks for posting. Happy Saturday!


    Molly Jane

    Ps. Stop by and say hello sometime!:)


  3. Bright Star was beautiful. Is that a satsuma? I love satsumas.