the news keep getting worse and worse
we just couldn´t sit back anymore
knowing nothing can undo these damages
we want at least try to help to ease the pain
by supporting the helpers
a red pendant on a string of white silk
75% of the proceeds go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
through the Japan Red Cross Society
the remaining 25% are solely used
to acquire material to produce the necklaces
we would be so happy if you decide to help
and show how much you care by wearing our necklace


  1. A beautiful and somber piece. Thank you for doing this.

  2. great idea, I linked it in my last post.

  3. i just ordered a necklace. thank you for helping!
    i have some friends in japan and i hope they are save!

  4. what a beautiful idea.
    i will definitely spread the word
    and order a necklace!

  5. Schöne Idee !
    Habe gerade zwei Deiner wundervollen Ketten bestellt und freu mich schon...da hab ich dann auch gleich noch ein tolles Geschenk.....