you know how much i love shortbread
so this all kinds of weather sunday
- cold, rainy, sticky and sunny -
i tried a new variation adding elderflower and rose petals
i would not recommend the rose petals
somehow their scent disapears while baking
but a teaspoonful of rosewater might do the trick
find my go to shortbread recipe HERE
and add the carefully picked tiny flowers
(don´t wash them or you´ll loose all this delicious pollen)
right before rolling out the dough

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  1. diese sprenkelkreise, wieder bin ich ganz entzückt hier bei dir!

  2. das zarte. die blümchen sind so schön!

  3. looks so delicious and absolutely beautiful!!

  4. beautiful blog and lovely shop! thanks for visitng my blog. :)

  5. beautiful post! i wish you a ver nice saunday! :)

  6. such a beautiful place you have here