work is crazy right now
food is the only thing keeping me sane
it always is
because i´m afraid i´m loosing it every time i get hungry
driving my bike becomes dangerous, things slipping from my hands, oh so grumpy mood...
so thank you dear blog world for a few new soothing additions to my repertoire:
(do not let them get brown or you´ll end up like me nibbling the good orange stuff from brown burnt rims)
Heidi Swansons RHUBARB ROSEWATER SIRUP makes an awesome granita (as do those little green melons)
also i´m drying rose petals for her ROSE PETAL GRANOLA
yesterday i got sentimental and made focaccia with grapes
 made it with my roommate a lot while studying
we tried every variation Jamie Oliver suggested
our favorites were tiny tomatoes + mozzarella and cherries, brown sugar + butter 
or stuffed with rocket, onions, gorgonzola, parmesan + herbs
yeast is not that good for my stomach but i just had to eat some
any comforting food suggestions?
very disappointing leaking little pretty doll house jar
full of roadside weeds
the best kind

2 Kommentare:

  1. yesterday i watched that video with jamie,!
    and the one where they sit in the forest
    making mushroom sandwich, he is so good,

    i don`t know why but these days
    we enjoy wild rice with chuka salad
    seems like summer food, the way it looks
    and tastes

  2. we used to make focaccia with wine-making grapes
    when we first moved back to the med -
    you've just brought back the taste !
    i had also though of making that granola
    with some rosa damascena leaves i had dried back in may

    the heat here is oppressive so
    we're cooling off with cinnamon + star anise stewed plums
    over vanilla ice-cream (recipe in my last post)

    i love your space,