yep - i did went a bit flower crazy this weekend
but there are not that much plants in bloom (or pretty leaf) in July and August in my garden
and i had to change this
maybe reading THE ENCHANTED APRIL made me do so even more
the weather is bliss right now
so much sunshine and not too hot
i was in kind of a mood lately
but then i took the sunday off (i guess all self employed tend to work weekends, too)
including an afternoon nap and flat bread with zuccini and blue berries (found in the new BRIGITTE)
does anyone know what to do with this very capricious pelargonium?
can only show you it´s shadow since the leaves turned almost all yellow
but it´s still such a beauty and i don´t want to loose it
also: plant jewels - a new thing we´re working on


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  1. Hello and thank you for visiting me!
    After a long, rainy summer we've had some sunny days here as well. Still, I always welcome autumn, it is so beautiful.

    I seem to have the same problem with my pelargoniums, not many flowers left and the leaves are turning yellow. I can't let them go, just yet. Unfortunately, I have no good advice.

    Looking forward to the plant jewels, that sounds like a good and beautiful idea!


    1. Dear Lilli,

      the pelargonium is really dying now - but i made a little cutting when it was still healthy and i´m hoping this one will make it. Luckily the other 20 specimen are all right with my special "diet" of just a little water each day, they seem not to like it when they get drenched.

      The plant jewels are almost ready now...

  2. dear anna,

    about the pelargonium,as far as i know
    it is turning yellow by the end of summer sometimes
    when sun is really hot and then go back to green again.
    it happened to my flowers last year so i hope yours
    will survive as well

    and about the swap
    i'll be happy! just let me
    know do you like all of them
    or just few
    and let me know -
    thank you for the kind words you left

    and plants jewels
    it§s really my weakness
    so i'll wait