thought i was done with the cold
but the cold wasn´t done with me
almost got a bit panicky thinking this is never going to end
still coughing and sneezing along
read a nice interview with florist Thierry Boutemy in the new edition of THE PLANT
he says he is inspired by cuckoo clocks
there are a few in this house and i´m going to look very closely at them now
vintage twine and heart shaped cookie cutters from the flea market
and quince making the apartment smell wonderful
and a nice compote
went out a bit to get some fresh air to get healthy soon
took a walk by the river and made the TINY BOUQUET #24 PRETTY SICK (added some redundant pictures of it)
turnes out everything down there is covered in dog poo
so i took a few steps down into the river to get my rain boots clean again
W made me a flower storing device
now you can´t see it anymore
to many geraniums on it wintering in my hallway
it turned out way to sweet for me 
(so sweet i had to lay down after having a slice, but maybe that was the old again)
even though i had already halved the sugar
so in case you want to give it a try to, use even less

4 Kommentare:

  1. i am so attracted to dark photos, home ones
    and red boxes of euonymus - i went to the
    garden yesterday to pick up some from
    the ground. yours are so beautiful

    goog day to you, anna

    1. and i love yours... so quiet and yet so full of life...

  2. ich mag das freundlich düstere in deinen bildern.. /ti