such a busy weekend, keeping me still busy
it was so nice to meet some of you in a quite beautiful surroundig
a sweet girl asked me to make her a BEATEN BRACELET in silver
and it turned out so pretty i decided to put it in the shop, too
it´s still ever so grey and dreary
so the picture of a  lovely little surprise form JULIE turned out really dull
though it made me very happy and i can´t wait to put it to use
when making her berberis caramel candy
thank you so much!
those cookie cutters need a bit of scrubbing to get rid of the rust
and i´m afraid the dog is a German sheep dog
who needs a bit of pink icing to get rid of its brown past
he can peacefully retire here
the bunnies are really fun, too
also some custom made FESTIVE PENDANTS
i´ll do whatever you wish for :)

5 Kommentare:

  1. lovely photographs..awesome photographer and writer..

  2. dein blog ist genauso anmutig wie deine bilder und dein schmuck. vor längerer zeit ist mir dein schmuck mal aufgefallen, ich habe einen screeshot gemacht aber die internetadresse vergessen, so warst du verloren und nun wieder gefunden. das freut mich. liebe grüße

    1. wie schön, dich hier zuhaben, freue mich sehr und danke ganz herzlich für die lieben worte!