first things first:
we would like to invite you all to the WSAKE Weihnachtsmarkt
enjoying hot punch and baked goods
while - maybe - doing a bit of Christmas shopping
Saturday, 14.12., 1 - 5 pm
at our showroom in Regensburg, Am Gries 35
we can´t wait to see you
also thank you so much for you kind comments on the last post
W told me quite bewildered that someone had seen a picture of him on the internet
to him the web is a miracle, well, it kind of is
it looks like i´m almost to busy to enjoy the time before Christmas
and i´m so happy about your reminders
there´s ALMAs and EVENCLEVELANDs giftguide
and Marleens 20//13
and so many delicious things over at FRÄULEIN TEXT
i´m quite happy about my roasting pan by SARAH WIENER for RIESS
got a few B-stock pieces at a very nice price on the fun fair this summer
now i use it to roast chestnuts or bake QUINCE SCONE COBBLER
can´t wait to use the Portuguese fennel from OTCHIPOTCHI
i bet it smells and tastes divine
have a wonderful time
and - maybe - see you soon

7 Kommentare:

  1. oh..I wish I could go there..counds so nice

    1. i´d love to welcome you:)
      we can always meet online!

  2. so eine herrlich zarte bilderstimmung :: gerne wäre ich bei markt und weihnachts-einstimmung dabei - hab eine gute woche*

    1. vielleicht ja irgendwann, irgendwo...
      lasst es euch gut gehen!

  3. Bienenwachschristbaumkerzen und Schnee gibts hier in Belgien nicht oder noch nicht. Deine Bilder machen Lust auf besinnlichere Tage. Einen wunderbaren Markt wünsch ich Euch.