this heat seems to turn everything yellow
i´ve come to like this colour
but my first William Morris rose was peach coloured
last weekend we had a nice garden party
with quite a few cases of overeating (W and me being two of them)
so many nice people and so much good food
some of them traveled quite a bit to be here
(thank you so much JULIE and Rainer for coming
and trusting us with this lovely project)
somehow i´ve only managed to take a single picture
the one of the yellow vase filled with anemone japonica who doesn´t like to be cut
VASE CAPS with tiny garlic
my stack on UNRULY THINGS - thank you so much, Alyson
(i have to admit i never wear that many rings at once, 
it´s not that practical when handling tools and such)
the nicest write up on MISS MOSS - thank you very much, Diana
have a wonderful sunny weekend

12 Kommentare:

  1. verliebt in die vase caps (und die vase caps bilder!) ...

  2. ich liebe all eure ringe
    deine gelbbilder
    deine blumen

    das gartenfest!
    wie gern wären wir zu besuch gekommen!

    hoffentlich einmal!
    herzlich mit frischem ostseewind!

    1. ach,
      natürlich gute wünsche für die tollen erwähnungen!

    2. irgendwann bestimmt, oder ich bei euch
      bis dahin virtuell

      auch das macht freude

      weitere gelbe bilder sind im kommen
      und danke!

  3. I love your William Morris rose, and that there is such a rose as a William Morris rose.