oh that glorious weather!
looks like we will have a break from all that sunshine starting this weekend
but how beautiful those weeks have been...
a perfect start for the flea market season
strangely almost all my bargains were somehow rose coloured
a marble lamp foot and a rose/copper coloured mirror
i tried these shoes on with too thick socks
so i probably have to give them to K
unless you´ve got an idea how to shrink vintage Bally sandals a size or two
(wearing my favorite HUI HUI scarf)
E is gone now for almost two weeks
but she left glasses full of coloured water and paint stained cloths all over the place
i quite like how the cat and i turned out
she says i´m getting more and more exhausting
being grumpy and talking endlessly about plants
but she liked that "painter´s primerose"
(i made up that name since it looks like someone draw delicate lines on the petals
probably with a LAMY fountain pen)
and to prove her right:
i´m completely enamoured with those pale yellow wild daffodils
just planted a few last fall to see how i like them
and i do very much
dreaming of a whole meadow of those now
have a wonderful weekend

20 Kommentare:

  1. oh diese bilder. magisch schön.
    man möchte ihn ihnen versinken.
    für eine weile.


    1. gib bescheid, wenn du einen rettungsring brauchst:)

      nein - ich dank dir - sehr!

  2. ich vermisse die Flohmaerkte zu Hause! Eines meiner alten Samstagsrituale in Hamburg. Schoene Stimmungen auf deinen Bildern und was ich von deinem HuiHui Schal sehen kann schaut ganz toll aus :)

    1. gibts das gar nicht da drüben?!

      im ganzen ist der schal natürlich noch viel besser:)

  3. those paintings are wonderful
    as is that flower!!
    your post always make me smil

  4. Sweet spring moments, I see, and oh how I miss those wonderful German outdoor flea markets.

    Sorting out today old letters and cards and found also a few treasures from you. So I came here and saw also your shop filled with all the lovely items. Now dreaming of a few silver little mountains as hanging earrings, wondering if that could be possible somehow. Though the leaves and bluebells are very enchanting too…

    White snow blankets and happy sunset greetings <3

    1. of course my dear - just let me know the details and we can work something out:)

      thank you so much for stopping by!

      rainy greetings... so much much needed ba all those new plants...

  5. wow!! was für schöne bilder! besonders das erste...toll!
    liebste grüße

    1. danke euch!

      auch für die lösung des grauen problems:)

  6. Einer meiner Lieblingstechniken ist ja Aquarell, war es schon damals, als ich in der Realschule einmal in er Woche zur Musik-und Kunstschule ging und heute im Studium ist es noch immer so.

    Viele Grüße,

    1. sie hat es auch sehr gerne - allerdings hab diesmal ich drauf bestanden
      da die anderen lösungsmittel so furchtbar stinken:)

      einen lieben gruß zurück!

  7. About shrinking those vintage Bally shoes...
    Have you tried Heel pads? The kind that stick to the inside back of the shoe?
    It has worked for me in the past :)

    1. i´ll give those a try for sure! thank you so much for your suggestion:)