the WSAKE woman is all about frizzy art noveau hair
crazy sweater vests with missing buttons
and interesting trouser and boot choices
i love her
the WSAKE man tends to look like an unruly young Tom Cruise
what´s not to like?
i did not like 2014
so here´s to a much better 2015 for everyone
(although it didn´t start so good - #jesuischarlie)
may it be awesome anyway

sometimes i´m thinking about adding a bit of VSCO magic to my pictures
it is tempting but maybe the too easy way to beauty
also: is it okay to mix heavy and banal like this?
"to be honest, i would really like to be a minimalist but i just can´t."
and me

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  1. the wsake woman tends to feel ziemlich kalt und rosa! I love her too. and Tom Rouge.

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