some a bit belated birthday flowers for E
who just turned 26 and apparently drank a whole bottle of champagne
when told the bodily decay is starting just about now
with 6 years advance i can tell her however life just gets better every year
and if she´s still depressed about the future she could have some of my amber
it seems to help with those things
i´m really into wilting dried up plants right now
no wonder since i´m a "superficial waterer" and there´s a heatwave blasting on
but now i´m about to get a floristic patent for a very special skill:
"dyed" some box twigs ombre
meaning shoved them into a bucket and forgot all about them for quite some weeks
and i didn´t stop just there and dyed on in photoshop
(blame it all on the heat)
also using glasses made for forcing big hyacinth bulbs
when "arranging" flowers is my new favorite thing to do
pictures of E (wearing a sweet KISSING GUY)
were taken in early may when the still bare apple tree shadows made for a mean underwater effect
also she hates clean backdrops so i made sure there were none involved
also a very happy birthday to RIKE

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