we´re about to have a second BOOKCLUB meeting
taking place on the 29th of October, 7.30pm
(in case you want to read along and stop by, just let me know and i give you all the details)
at the end of our first meeting we decided on Sasa Stanisic´s debut novel 
"Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert"
probably very much driven by the current refugee crisis
since he also fled a war - the Yugoslav war - as a young boy, finding a kind of safety in Germany
and it´s a story about a boy who does the same
written in a magical, burlesque way 
playing with the German language in a way probably only a non-native speaker could
it is horrid and very beautiful at the same time
here are a few links to get you interested:
INTERVIEW with Die Zeit
BOOK REVIEW Süddeutsche Zeitung
can´t wait to meet you all for a nice discussion
i´m sure there will be a lot to talk about
+ there will be food and drinks (probably quite fall inspired at that time of the year)
that´s actually the bridge over the Drina pictured in pixelated black and white
revisited a PROJECT i did about that book back at art school
(i actually got to show it to the author at a reading this year and he requested a copy - yay!)

2 Kommentare:

  1. anna, das ist voll schön!
    (ich hab vor jahren im schauspielhaus hier eine dramatisierung des romans gesehen; den selbst hab ich schon gefühlte hundertmal in der hand gehabt und die lust darauf wollte sich nie so ganz einstellen – als ich jetzt die passagen gelesen habe, war mein gedanke nur: was ist das? ich muss das lesen!)

    1. ja, das reinspringen muss erst gewagt werden!
      aber dann!

      berichte doch, wie´s für dich so war - zwei-städte-lesegruppe sozusagen, ich bring dich dann in die diskussion ein!