it´s our third BOOKCLUB meeting
and we choose Jacob´s Folly/Jacobs wundersame Wiederkehr by Rebecca Miller
it is a pretty crazy ride of a book
spanning a few centuries worth of stories
there´s a poor jew with an adventurous life in Paris in the 18th century,
 a man working on boats and fighting fires in his free time 
and a girl trying to find her way in a traditional jewish home in New York, both in the present time
AND it´s all told by - a fly!
HERE are the first pages in German
in case you are intrigued now
and want to join us on 10.12., 7.30 pm, just let me know
got inspired by the challa bread mentioned a lot in the book
but i didn´t want to go the braided way and made snails instead
filled with evil Nutella spread, hazelnuts, chocolate and dried cherries
topped with a grenadine glaze and more roasted hazelnuts
also i didn´t burn the cut offs in the oven (instead i almost burnt the whole thing)
and the fact that my photographer assistant told me about his spectacular love affairs
while i tried to reenact a poetry recital without remembering any of the ryhmes
wasn´t very "traditional" either
also i put my cat in there since the fly tries to bring down a "hero" who started out by rescuing kittens
she would have needed one like him a couple of weeks back when fighting with a marden
she´s all sewed up now
but still a very poor, hurt and scared bundle of fur
and i really hope she´s going to make it
the tiny dotted cat is by LE TRAIN FANTOME
and the necklace by ME
just in case anyone is wondering...

6 Kommentare:

  1. love the idea and the cake looks so yummy.
    Which I would live closer ,to have some coffee and cake with you

  2. so kunstvoll liebe anna - hoch und runter scrollend bewundernd!

  3. ach ja, da hast du recht, wie gut die wär, so eine runde.
    verzaubernd, das textzeilenmäanderbilderkomposit.
    unheimlich gut wieder.
    und die katze ... ich schick die besten wünsche;
    beim bildbetrachten mein gedanke :: gut sieht sie wieder aus.
    jetzt reinlesen in die ersten seiten. danke.

    1. ja, das wär doch was, gell?
      dich herbeamen müsst man können!

      deine wünsche helfen, das erste vogerl ist gefangen!
      wobei das wirklich nicht hätt sein müssen, aber sie kann halt nicht aus ihrer haut...