back in September i visited my sister E AND HER BOYFRIEND in Cologne
it was a mad trip
the Deutsche Bahn played a mean trick on me 
(but i´m okay with that now, since they seam to be willing to refund my tickets)
E had just gotten back from Morocco with an evil stomach bug
and i got it too, at least a little
nevertheless i got to visit a lot of photography exhibitions, the Museum Ludwig, 
an antique show taking place in the botanical gardens (those geraniums!!!), 
almost charming Mühlheim and the city center where i rode around on those excellent bikes 
you can pick up with your credit card on every street corner
also i saw a very veiled woman on a kick scooter, addicts shooting heroin right in the middle of the street,
a cat sleeping under a very rare tree in the Flora and parrots all over the city (which was my favorite thing)
then i witnessed my sister drinking hot cocoa with a shot of schnaps, S making soapy tasting cilantro couscous by accident,
tried on some veiling clothes in a special shop and had three-for-the-price-of-two pizza
all in all i still felt a bit overwhelmed by everything
pictures were taken with my phone and their camera
since i travelled extra light this time
oh, and the reason i took this trip in the first place was that a drawing of mine
was exhibited at the sweet KUNSTKUTSCHE KÖLN

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