phlox season
(tiny bouquet #13)
being little this meant holidays spent at my grandmothers house
such a special scent
now at my bedside table (if i can stand its intensity...)
also dried lavender
the first thing i picked from her garden
right after moving in
to cover the harsh IKEA smell in the bedroom
when i asked her if i can cut a few last sprigs
she said i could have everything around here
stressing every single word
made me almost a bit uneasy
maybe she knew
wanted to make caramel candy
followed the instructions but this time it just didn´t set
(this was my first encounter with evaporated milk - crazy stuff - what do you actually do with it?!)
but i´m going to use it for cake fillings, maybe with apricots, blue berries, apples...
and licking it from a spoon once in a while of course
christmas in merry progress

my postcards on one of my favorite blogs: SEND MORE MAIL

also: i want to live in ENSUITE
and spend some time with the two shy girls of BORNAY

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