my little sister E asked me to put up a post for her
(she´s probably overestimating my readership though...)
she´s very ambitious
so she doesn´t only want to study fine art
but also dancing at the same time
in Köln/Cologne that is
and now she´s looking for an apartment there - this is were you come in
does anybody know about something there?
she´s quite nice and fun
and even though she dances like a baby
she doesn´t need diapers any more and eats solid foods (well, mostly)
and i´m pretty sure she´s going to paint you
in oils
and be thankful eternally
have a nice weekend everybody

2 Kommentare:

  1. wow, gifted much? talk about an incredible painter!

  2. no, sorry, I do not know an apartment
    but what I do know is
    that your sister is
    a wonderful painter!