those hot days were amazing for my back pain
it was completely gone, like a miracle
(maybe i have to move to a really hot country then...)
now it´s cold again, fall lingering just around the corner
and my back aches again
(had to miss out on a gathering in the woods yesterday)
but i spent yet another enchanted friday night
have to tell you about that soon
wanted to show you all those pieces we worked on this weekend
but i still have so many pictures to take and prepare
so there is only one tiny update:
baby blue (lovely vintage beads), rose and dark grey
you can almost see a tiny bit of what we´ve been up to
on the TINY BOUQUET #20 CANDY pictures
the grapes in my ever so small (well, actually not so small) vineyard are ripe
my grandmothers friend wanted to stop taking care of them
but it looks like he can´t let go
(or he doesn´t quite agree with my work there)
so there´s an other TINY BOUQUET #21 WHITE WINE
and a cat acting weird in the mint bed
pretty apartments -  EEFIE DE CONINCK

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