i made it - put all of those new things on the WEBSITE and in the SHOP
after lots and lots of work in the last weeks and months
let me intoduce you to
(so fun to play with and of course to put flowers in)
a whole lot of new jewellery
shown here only the RIBBON BRACELET
made of vintage brass material from the 1900th
with a lovely ribbon structure
a very limited edition
will tell you a bit more about all of them in the next days
already ordered W a Bill Murray DVD collection
since he wont allow me to actually pay him for his work
so every time i make a little sale
i get him something he likes
it started with MAIGRET novels 
(we´re really addicted to those, have them all and reread them ever so often)
and then Woody Allen movies
enjoy your Sunday!

5 Kommentare:

  1. anna, ein traum! ich bin schwer verliebt. vor allem in das ribbon bracelet, es ist direkt auf den wunschzettel gewandert. hab es schön, an diesem sonntag

    1. ich danke dir und hoffe, das christkind (oder wer auch immer dafür zuständig ist bei dir) liest deinen wunschzettel :)

  2. ... schließe mich julie an. du machst grandiose sachen! :)

  3. liebe schwester, sei nicht traurig. bald esse ich dir wieder alles weg.