These pictures pretty much capture my happy place right now: on sunday my god daughter payed me a visit, being very cute and easy and we delighted in the sweet little grimaces she made. I also very much enjoyed seeing the happy look on my friend´s face, despite the sleepless nights spent with a gassy baby. 

My kitchen was full on that day since my sister and her boyfriend also stopped by very spontaneously this weekend on their way to the Alps which made for a couple of quite "culinary" days - filled with BRATWURSTKIPFERL, DUMPLINGS, endless PASTA SALAD and so much more dishes to try at our street´s potluck summer party. They will be stopping by again in a few days on their way back North - lucky me!

And even though I now own a very fancy antique fruit-drip-bowl, a fact that might make me look quite sophisticated, I really do prefer the messy look of my kitchen table after we devoured Nigel Slater´s CHERRY POLENTA CAKE (I didn´t bother actually pitting the cherries by the way). No one got why I would want to take a picture of that, but this is what I want all my days to look like.

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