It was one of the last days before a two week long cold spell hit, when I got to visit a dear friend and beekeeper (and her tiny assistant) in their wonderful shared huge garden on one of the islands in the river Danube here in Regensburg. In some parts of Bavaria one of the following particularly frosty nights killed the flowers on the fruit trees destroying this years crop, but around here the cold wasn´t so devastating and Stephanie´s bees only took a little break from work and picked up their pollinating duty as soon as it got a bit warmer again.
The day being Good Friday everything was very calm and oddly serene as we followed the bees around under the blossoming trees - it felt quite enchanting.

Last year I got to work on her packaging design - meaning a label to put on the glasses - for the honey that is harvested on these trees (and those of the neighbouring gardens - in case the bees decide to take a detour over the river they might even come by my parents´ trees), in exchange for a steady supply of honey. This is what I consider a very sweet deal!

Now all of you can buy that honey too! Just visit Stephanie´s Shop SCHWESTERNLIEBE or find it HERE.

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  1. formidabler deal — so gut, die einglasung. der inhalt gewiss auch.