right now i`m working on some frames to display my polaroids.

since we are the recycling kind i just used left over cardboard cuts from my diploma. i really like the cardboards texture and colour - changing and fading exposed to direct sunlight.

you can quite simply slide the photos in and out again at the top of the frame, so no hurt is done to them with glue or such things.

actually i got inspired by this frame - but this one doesn`t fit polaroids.

if there is someone out there in need of something like that - i`m working on a whole batch right now.


two more pictures of necklaces - the one with the little blue hearts is available right HERE.
and something i did for a christmas card this year.


made THESE three days ago - they are already gone now, i think i have to make an other batch.


This time my conscience is clean - i found a couple of scarfs at a fleamarket in summer, the one with the leo-print is my favorite so far.


One of the necklaces from the "A winters night" - collection.

Now available at Designmeisterei, Potsdam.


Last years christmas-cookbook.

11 recipies (unfortunatly just in german, including two-tone orange jelly, pavlova, plum cones, panforte,...)

silk screen print (black, golden),leporello fold, 13 pages - printed and bound by hand

some of the last ones are available HERE

there are still some left with a commercial print on the backside - if someone is interested.


Please note: Elsa is not the one buying skirts at h&m and feeling bad about it afterwards - that would be her unprincipled sister Anna.

Four of Elsas dresses.
Made of vintage shirts for men, using just the original materials - fabric, buttons, even most of the existing seams - exept new thread. Some of them are custom-made for special persons, some of them were for sale.
Presented and pictures taken by Judith and Larissa. Thank you both very much!


Necklaces i`m working on right now.
Jade, vintage glass beads, high performance bead cord, 925/000 silver.
More pictures coming soon.


A few necklaces just moved from our daWanda-shop to Designmeisterei, Gutenbergstraße 23, 14467 Potsdam.
But if someone is interested in one of these - they can be redone with slight variations.


although i really like the pattern of my new skirt, i kind of have a bad conscience because i bought it at hm...


Neue Ketten!
Eine historische Perle und ein Silberplättchen an einem Nylonfaden, mit silbernem Verschluss
zu haben HIER und HIER

New necklaces!

one vintage glass bead, a little silver disk on nylon bead cord, silver fastening

available HERE and HERE


nr. 35

Kette 136
Historische Perlen, 925/000 Silber
erhältlich HIER
(necklace 136, vintage glass beads, 925/000 silver, available RIGHT HERE)


nr. 34

Kette 154
Historische Perlen, 925/000 Silber
HIER zu haben
(Necklace 154, vintage glass beads, 925/000 silver, available right HERE)


weihnachtsmarkt - holiday shop

Heute startet unser Weihnachtsmarkt auf daWanda!
Die ersten Ketten sind schon zu haben, in nächster Zeit folgen dann auch noch Karten nach. Leider können wir wegen der großen Nachfrage keine Kleider aus Herrenhemden anbieten und es ist vor Weihnachten auch nicht mehr möglich, selbst Hemden einzuschicken, um sie umarbeiten zu lassen. Wir geben Bescheid, sobald es wieder Bestellmöglichkeiten gibt!
Viel Spaß beim Besuch HIER!
Today our holiday shop at daWanda is starting!
Necklaces are already available, greetings cards are following the next days.
We are sorry for not being able to offer customised vintage shirts due to a huge request, but we let you know as soon as we are able to provide new ones!
Have fun visiting RIGHT HERE.