well, i´m not that into Fall
not yet
so i won´t join the praise of this dooming glorious season
to me it smells rotten
brings the cold (and cold related pains - maybe i need to move to an other climate)
the eternal fog in those areas near a big river is literally depressing
and always worse than expected - it hits me every time
and i can only apprechiate the morbide side o f it
to me sunflowers are only bearable in their dying state
also got some strawflowers at the farmers market
(judging by the looks the lady who sold them gave me, 
those are only supposed to be bought by the elderly)
put them in an odd ice cream vessel from ZIERRAT AND GOLD
and might use them in a couple of months in a flower arrangement for my grandmothers grave
(last time at the hardwear store i found some hot glued on top of some cacti
so i might do something similar - put them onto some bare branches)
to drive all the other ambitious grave decorators mad
joyous times
i guess it´s okay with my grandmother
she used to have tea with rum after her visit to the graveyard on All Saints Day
probably not only due to the cold weather
"dear lord, the things i´ve seen..."
but i made a FALL GREETING CARD for you after all
and started putting all those bulbs in the soil
got best quality ones from the Netherlands
they seem to burst with life any minute
and those grapes are really beautiful - grown in our tiny vinyard
went to a excellent exhibiton of HEINZ BRAUN
and i guess my thoughts had nothing to do with the shown work
but i had to urge to create an outlet for the crazy, the unfiltered, not so pretty
do stuff that doesn´t need to be representable
my own delicious secret
an article on the sadness of gen-y on MAN REPELLER
(guess we should try to achive our personal best instead of the over all best)
(used to get in a bad mood looking at perfect online lifes
even before joining facebook and the blogging world
when i do so now i sometimes reach out to those who seemingly have it all
and tell them how impressed i am
always turns out they´re very human after all (and mostly very nice))
a nice APRON
oh, in case someone wants some geranium cuttings
i´m cutting down all of my old plants and would be happy to send some your way



this clematis is called "My Angel" 
it has the prettiest tiny red and yellow bells
so glad i ordered it this Spring together with all these English roses
lately i don´t have so much luck with baking
it´s probably because i´m trying out all these fats instead of cow butter
sheep butter doesn´t work i guess
(does anyone know about that?!)
made shortbread twice and it turned into crumbles
bubbling crumbles - the oddest kind
but nice on top of blackberries
shaken to mush on the bike ride
and then the thing with the olive oil galette crust...
i´ve mastered it now and am in love with it
already had it with rainbow chard, beetroot and blachberries + feta
the first time i had to eat it with a soon though
but it didn´t matter since i was reading a book a MAIRA KALMAN while doing so
which made me really happy
GATHER is wonderful, too 
you can learn how to bake a Pyscho cherry pie
good to know
some fall plants
an odd cactus
and a TINY BOUQET from a confused looking meadow
it was like it thought Spring had started all over
took the cat to the vet
which is a big deal for a wild creature like her
got treated for worms and all other things a cat needs
i feel very happy she choose to stay with me for a while
swapping her exciting wild life for endless hours on my sofa
followed by an attempt trying to kill that carpet 
again and again
and welcome to the world, little Theo!


the LETTERED PENDANTS are available in every language
but this is a special collection of pendants in German
i was so lucky to collaborate on them with MME ULMA

so a wie u
nah / ezu
buch &

vielen dank, liebe ULMA - es war mir eine ehre
und euch wünsche ich viel freude an unseren anhängern
auch HIER bei ihr

probably the best bouquet i´ve ever seen: COLOUR FOREST
yes, i do love me some Astilbe...


RUND won - so simple and clear
congratulations, MLLE. BLEU
and thank you for all those other suggestions
greetings and speech bubble words will come soon
but first there will be a very special collection of FESTIVE PENDANTS
can´t wait to tell you more about it
this summer we got the chance to work on some really special wedding bands
shaped like mountains, made of white gold
(this is a really hard material to work with
after they were finished i had to scale way back with pressure and force
silver is that much softer)
for the sweetest couple - JULIE and Rainer
we tried some too complicated versions first and decided to go with the clearest option in the end
we were so lucky to be a part of their wedding
all the best to you two
FRÄULEIN TEXT´S yellow California poppies are some of the most pretty plants in my garden
the silken poppy turned into a plage instead
that will be moved to an other bed next year
Claire Basler´s SPACE
i had no idea empty book shelfs could be that pretty