this sunday i listened to the comedy radio play DER HOLLEDAUER SCHIMMEL
a Bavarian classic from the 50s
it really is the best - i was laughing from the beginning to the end
and it reminded me i made a TINY BOUQUET #14 ANDENKEN AN MÜNCHEN
(using a vintage cup saying so - unfortunatly you can´t see that)
this was a couple of month ago
and while i worked on it
i told W about some setbacks and got a bit carried away
so i´m sure he thought i lost it when i started to add pretzel sticks
to give it an OBATZTER look (a Bavarian cheese cream eaten in beer gardens)
and i made an apricot caramel cake - turned out so sweet my teeth hurt
if E comes visiting tomorrow i´ll give this  BLUEBERRY LEMON VERBENA PIE a try
also we worked on an other little piece:
a little dancing bowl
it even has a nice ring to it
and the loveliest hammered finish