thanks to my dear customers
i was able to work on so many adorable SILHOUETTE CHARMS
in the last few months
so i thought it would be a shame not to share some of them
here you can see three lovely little girls
necklaces and a key ring pendant

don´t worry - i don´t show those pendants without the consent of their owners
every order is treated with utmost discrection


a few new things in the making
delicate rings and necklaces
took a picture of our grapes before the mildew takes over
just like every year
any recommendations on that subject
besides severe trimming each year


felt kind of exhausted the last days
tried to get my spirits up with smoked almonds, roasted, salted
(LEO tells me, this is the right translation)

drawing some weird sayings by E
this one means
"it´s impossible to talk to you"
not sure how to proceed though


heavy rain around here
a couple of days ago we took a trip to a nursery
nothing fancy - typical small town stuff
but we scored some botanical jewels
edelweiss and yellow sweet william for our rockery
in- and outdoor succulents (huge and very tiny)
have a nice weekend!


first time swimming this season
the water was quite chilly but the pool was almost empty
so i could practice my weird way of backstroke
got a lot of swimming tickets for my birthday
they were even made into a chain - but not anymore
very thoughtful friends
new glass beads from the antique fair


made a CAKE with heart shaped berries - again
our embossing tools

some of them were used making the strawberry leaf
the picture was used in my diploma
found it while trying to organize my hard drive


poor little E owns only one tiny knife
so i got her an other tiny one featuring Pluto
now i´m her favorite sister - at least i guess
is it okay to wear blue nailpolish
(on sausage coloured toes in my case)
being no teenager anymore for quite some time?


should i become a food stylist?
pretty good job with the strawberry cat, hm?


elderflower polenta cake with yoghurt pistacio icing
from the new Jamie Magazine
again, almost too sweet for me
sun and tiny strawberries on the weekend


end of the POSTCARD week
and since the sun is shining again and my mood is starting to lighten up, too
i decided everybody who commented gets a set of cards
so i case i don´t know your address already
write me an email (you´ll find the address in the profil column on the right side)
have a lovely sunday you all


the sky is grey - my mood , too
living on elderflower lemonade - probably too much sugar for me
S is turning every rose petal in our garden into jam
purple jam
pink jam
yellow jam
correctly sorted