this post is for those with a huge plum crop - or for plum lovers in general
we tried so far:
unbelievable delicious PLUM CHUTNEY
on the list PLUM GALETTES
and we had this cake three times so far:
90 g Graham crackers (Leibnitzkeks), crushed
75 g ground hazelnuts, slightly toasted
20 g sugar
60 g butter melted
line a large springform pan with parchment paper
combine the ingredients, fill them into the pan and press them with the back of a spoon down on the bottom of the pan
bake 12 minutes at 160 degree Celcius
let cool completly
but in the fridge for 20 minutes
900 g plums, pitted and halved
60 g butter, soft
100 g sugar
pinch of vanilla
pinch of salt
2 eggs
375 g curd cheese
35 g semolina
20 g vanilla custard powder
125 g creme fraiche
beat butter with sugar, vanilla and salt till foamy and pale
add eggs
mix semolina and custard powder
add to the mixture with curd cheese and creme fraiche
beat well
fill into the springform pan
arrange halfed plums like shown above
bake at 175 degree Celcius for about 40 minutes