i´m planning on joining an English reading book club
to spruce up my English talking skills
first up: The other hand/Little Bee
well, i did not like that one
it´s hard to explain
i certainly felt the "fearsome grip"
but also it felt to me like human pain was exploited to create "a feat of literary engineering"
and why is it advertised like that?
"We don´t want to tell you what happens in this book."
to get readers to buy it who usually don´t read books on this uncomfortable matter
so they would try to make some change by feeling ashamed of their not knowing
somehow i missed at least a little glimpse of what we could do to make a bit of a difference
but very likely in reality we can´t
just change our minds
have you read it too?
maybe i get new insights from your thoughts on it and the book club meeting