have you seen the wreaths over at SAIPUA - aren´t they most beautiful?!
HERE is a tutorial
now the one from the last post has to go to therapy because of self esteem issues
got a lovely surprise package form NINA
(will show you what´s actually in there some other time)
but the bees wax candle alone made me very happy with its lovely smell
(also: golden raffia and a wooden mold with a squirrel looking like a monkey)
she also found a recipe for tiny SNOWBALLS
the big ones are from MILAS DELI
very delicious and both gone in an instant
and i have to thank you for your orders
yesterday i had to tape my fingers to bear a few hours of filing
next to a wood burning stove
having quite some trouble to get the workshop warm
since someone forgot to fire it up in time...
my work area looks kind of weird
it´s kind of makeshift but awesome
since i work standing not sitting
and W built it with all kinds of found things
the sun comes out
and makes my vintage glass walnuts shimmer golden in the light
have a lovely advent weekend everybody
two gift guides i like: