RUND won - so simple and clear
congratulations, MLLE. BLEU
and thank you for all those other suggestions
greetings and speech bubble words will come soon
but first there will be a very special collection of FESTIVE PENDANTS
can´t wait to tell you more about it
this summer we got the chance to work on some really special wedding bands
shaped like mountains, made of white gold
(this is a really hard material to work with
after they were finished i had to scale way back with pressure and force
silver is that much softer)
for the sweetest couple - JULIE and Rainer
we tried some too complicated versions first and decided to go with the clearest option in the end
we were so lucky to be a part of their wedding
all the best to you two
FRÄULEIN TEXT´S yellow California poppies are some of the most pretty plants in my garden
the silken poppy turned into a plage instead
that will be moved to an other bed next year
Claire Basler´s SPACE
i had no idea empty book shelfs could be that pretty