thank you so much for your well wishes
i decided it´s time to feel better now
my stomach isn´t totally convinced about that
but we´re working on it
i´ve realized that the BRANCH TEA WARMER goes quite well with the ARABIA RUSKA dishes
you can still find it a lot on flea markets and ebay
but try to not touch it with cutlery it does make a hellish sound
finally gave Paula´s WHITE WINE AND FENNEL SEED BISQUITS a try
to me they are heavenly - white wine, olive oil, fennel - quite hard and crumbly
slowly returnung to the workshop
working on some prototypes
and a custom made silver FOX
i want to add one more thing since i got a few angry mails:
we had to raise our prices at the beginning of 2014
we didn´t do this trying to earn more money
but simply because thanks to you we´ve grown a bit and of now we have to pay VAT
and since we don´t work with a lot of profit margins
there was no other way than to add this percentage to the existing prices
we hope you´ll understand
the prices will not increase any further
a sweet post about WSAKE on SFGIRLBYBAY