weeks and weeks ago CATHERINE invited me to play along
and tell seven things about me
so this is why the next sentences all start with an "I"
i´ve got an heavy Bavarian accent when it comes to speaking English
so i´m quite happy you can´t hear me saying out loud
what i´m typing here on my blog
i´m living with my parents right now
but i´m planing on moving out – again – sometimes soon
i love the internet, especially the blog world
next to books and magazines it´s my daily source
for amazing things I would never have found out about
without you all out there
and since I started blogging myself
I met some really lovely people from all over the world
and using the internet has become quite personal
it doesn´t feel lonely in front of the screen anymore
i always wanted to wear glasses
but i´m still blessed with perfect eye sight…
once upon a time W had mercy with me
and made me some of modeling clay
now i´m wearing sunglasses every day
i´m a bit obsessed with food and eating
most of my cookbooks have to hide in boxes
since there simply is not enough space
(it´s the same with kitchen supplies)
i started collecting recipe clippings right after i learned to read
and of course now i spend a great amount of time browsing food blogs
i´m a collector/hoarder of all things nice and shiny
scarfs, vintage dinnerware and glass beads, books, nailpolish, shoes, skirts
(actually clothes in general)
orchids are a quite new obsession now
i adore my physiotherapists
their constant help kept me sane these last two years of back pain
it´s amazing to be able to help peolpe this much
actually i don´t really know what "to tag" means
but here i tag along - in case you want to share a bit about you, too: