i´ve got to tell you - i actually feel sore after making this collection happen
those are some sturdy pieces...
so much sawing and filing and soldering and - i have to admit - there was even swearing involved
we came up with some tricky things - tricky to make, but easy to wear, of course
so, do take a look at our fancy ADVENT WREATH
you can use as a spectacular bowl for the rest of the year
and a new variation of the bestselling ARROW BRACELET + a ring to go with it
and guess what - with every order placed from now on
comes a FREE surprise selection of CHRISTMAS CARDS
now i have to lay down for a bit
planing on taking pictures of W with those IN EAR RINGS next week
so you can see how they are worn
i imagine this will be quite fun...


currently we´re working hard on getting everything ready for the upcoming christmas season
this weekend you can find us at the DILLY DALLY DESIGNMARKT
RT Halle, Schopperplatz 6, Regensburg
Saturday 2 - 10 p.m.
Sunday 12 a.m. - 6 p.m.
next Sunday, 16.11. (1 p.m. - 5 p.m.), we will be part of the Advent Exhibition of PAULINE ADLER
Prüfeninger Str. 30, Regensburg
we will bring our new collection
also we´re hoping to put all of the new pieces in the shop next week
you can already find the TINY HEART EAR STUDS so many of you asked for there
the two-tone CHANGE NECKLACE elements are available on request
just like those beautiful clean and delicate rose gold wedding bands
a few days ago i was looking at some old pictures
and found these of my sweet mother
right before and right after she gave birth to me
wearing the very first HUGE DROP BRACELET
that´s how long it has been around now
and yes, i´m the only one who did not inherit those dark curls