the silversmith and his daughter
eating food-silver plated ice cream
a completely guilty but divine pleasure
we think THEY should sponsor our Summer´s ice cream ration
since we´re such a perfect match
and oh so very pretty
the WATERING CAN got quite spoiled by all of your nice comments
now she gleams and glistens in the sun
and pretends she can not only pour water but also rose petals
also the story how a KNIGHTLY PONY comes alive
(my favorite LITTLE GUY)
gruesome W put the wire right through his eye
before putting him into the corrosive fluid
three days of sandal weather - yay
but right now it´s raining
why doesn´t MOSS COPENHAGEN ship to Germany?! (found via MEINGEFANGEN)
in case anyone is taking a vacation there - do let me know
there´s a coffee table just like THOSE TWO around the house - now i have to revive it
delicious SCONE IDEA