first things first:
we would like to invite you all to the WSAKE Weihnachtsmarkt
enjoying hot punch and baked goods
while - maybe - doing a bit of Christmas shopping
Saturday, 14.12., 1 - 5 pm
at our showroom in Regensburg, Am Gries 35
we can´t wait to see you
also thank you so much for you kind comments on the last post
W told me quite bewildered that someone had seen a picture of him on the internet
to him the web is a miracle, well, it kind of is
it looks like i´m almost to busy to enjoy the time before Christmas
and i´m so happy about your reminders
there´s ALMAs and EVENCLEVELANDs giftguide
and Marleens 20//13
and so many delicious things over at FRÄULEIN TEXT
i´m quite happy about my roasting pan by SARAH WIENER for RIESS
got a few B-stock pieces at a very nice price on the fun fair this summer
now i use it to roast chestnuts or bake QUINCE SCONE COBBLER
can´t wait to use the Portuguese fennel from OTCHIPOTCHI
i bet it smells and tastes divine
have a wonderful time
and - maybe - see you soon